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Holistic Integrated Psychotherapy

Therapeutic Relationship


Maybe you sought happiness through external achievements: academically, socially, financially.  Perhaps there are also parts of yourself which are still looking to discover their full potential.  Many people are seeking a genuine place of healing and growth. That was how I and many of my clients felt before finding psychotherapy.

Psychotherapy provides a home in which you can begin to understand the depths of many of your mental states and connect you with your authentic you. While praise for external achievements provides us with moments of fleeting happiness, healing the reality of our pain has the possibility of connecting us to a life full of joy and love.

So why choose me as your Psychotherapist?

As someone who utilizes psychotherapy professionally and personally, I’ve come to understand that a holistic and integrated approach was something that really works.

It is holistic in that we work with the healing and growth in all aspects of your life. In addressing the specific issue you bring to therapy, we also address its impact all parts of your being, including emotions, relationships, and personal growth. Healing difficulties on all levels brings effective lasting healing and growth.

This therapy is also integrative in that we use many different therapeutic modalities. It allows for a tailored therapeutic approach to address your unique issues. For many people ‘Humanistic Therapy’ is important as it heals relationship difficulties. It also specializes in helping you seek the full growth of your being. For others, ‘Psychodynamic Therapy’ helps you work through issues from the past. It heals the root cause of your difficulties.

Holistic integrated therapy helps you heal and grow through all aspects of your life.  To book your initial consultation, contact me by phone or email.

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